I’m Whitney Hamrick an actress/dancer born in Charleston, West Virginia. My passion for the performing arts came when I was eleven years old. I began in a single ballet/tap combination class at Arts in Action in Hurricane, West Virginia; I was instantly hooked. I started taking more and more dance classes and continued my studio dance training in ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical until my sophomore year of high school.

When I was a freshman in high school, a glitch in scheduling landed me in a Theatre I class. I fought to get my schedule changed, but was unsuccessful. However, after one semester, I signed up for Theatre II and III and was actively seeking ways to continue being a part of the very small West Virginian theatrical world. Still tentative about performing, I joined my high school’s show choir crew: building and painting sets, making and organizing props, loading and unloading equipment. After a year and half, I joined Winfield High School General Admission show choir as a performer. It was here that I discovered there was nothing I loved more than being on stage and performing with talented, passionate people. I was voted “best dancer” superlative both years I was a performer, and was Dance Captain my senior year.

While in high school, I also joined my school’s dance team. My junior year they competed and won first place against other dance/cheer teams in the area. Dance Team combined with the singing, dancing, and acting world of show choir solidified my dreams of continuing this for the rest of my life.    

I also stage managed the school play my sophomore, junior and senior years. I transitioned from stage manager to featured actress my senior year in the school’s one act play, Kissing Scene, by Carl Martin where I played Ashley. That year, the school also did How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying by Jonathan Rand, which I stage managed.

I have just finished my studies from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I’m living in New York City and am so excited to discover where my journey will lead me next.



There for You

Jess, NYU-Tisch Audition



Studio Showcase – Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel

Rose Mundy, American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Studio Showcase – Escape from Happiness by George F. Walker

Gail, American Musical and Dramatic Academy



American Musical and Dramatic Academy NYC

            Acting  – Randolf Pearson, Ray Virta, Robert Manning Jr., Dr. Roxana Stuart

            Film Acting  – Jim Elliott, Cate Smit

            Stage Combat  – Joseph Traver, Rod Kinter, David Dean Hastings, Judi Lewis-Ockler

            Dance – America Barcenas Nicole Davey

            Improv – Michael Perilstein, Michael Hauschild

            Voice Production and Speech – Timothy James Ryan, Angela Eckard, Rockford Sansom


            Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical (5 years, Arts in Action West Virginia)

            Dance Team (3 years, Winfield High School, Winfield West Virginia)

            “General Admission” Show Choir (3 years, Winfield High School, Dance Captain)

            Theatre Dance (2 years, AMDA)


            “General Admission” Show Choir (3 years, Winfield High School)

            Concert Choir (1 year, Winfield High School)


            Unarmed (1 semester, AMDA)

            Single Rapier (1 semester, AMDA

            Rapier/Dagger (½ semester, AMDA)

            Broadsword (½ semester, AMDA)

            Recommended Pass in Unarmed Stage Combat

Valid Driver’s License



Intermediate Knowledge of Conversational ASL



14 Broadway Terrace Apt 3B
New York, New York 10040
Telephone: 304-741-4934

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